Hello and welcome to the IRL Stars Hollow (aka Washington Depot), where Gilmore Girls Fan Fest is in full swing. The weekend is already packed with pizza, knitting circles, and cast appearances—not to mention tons of inside scoop. You know, like the fact that Ryan Gosling auditioned for Gilmore Girls and didn't get the part.

Marie Claire reports that in a panel interview with TVLine's Michael Ausiello, casting director Jami Rudofsky explained how Gosling auditioned for a role on the show and was ultimately passed on—presumably because everyone was high on the fumes of Dean.

"He came in to audition, and I was so proud of myself, right? I found a star, you guys. He auditioned, and it kinda fell flat. And both Amy [Sherman-Palladino] and Mara [Casey] were like, really Jami? Really?" Rudofsky says in the video below. "I'm like, I swear he's really, really good!"

Guys, let's internet-hold each other, because life in Stars Hollow could have been very, very different.