This refers to Mohsin Raza Malik’s article titled “MQM double-deal which appeared in your esteemed daily on September 21. I fully endorse the views of the writer except one point about the Urdu-speaking community’s future and how it is coupled with MQM and continues to hang in the balance. This is a false perception. JI, JUP, PPP, PSP and even ANP enjoy the support from the Urdu-speaking community.

The majority of Urdu speakers consist sober, noble, law-abiding and educated people and they do not like the politics of hate, confrontation and terrorism which has been manifested by MQM. MQM is the product of military dictator, General Zia-ul-Haq who created an atmosphere of unrest and extreme confrontation amongst the various segments of Karachi. During Musharraf’s era, MQM kept enjoying full immunity as it remained busy in doing all corrupt practices with impunity. The episode of May 12, 2007 which claimed dozens of precious lives of Karachiites was reportedly planned and executed by MQM at the behest of the General to impede the pre-scheduled address by the then CJ of Pakistan to the High Court Bar Association. The General later endorsed that nasty act of MQM by saying that the “people showed their power play in Karachi”. MQM, as mentioned in the article is making all-out efforts to reshape itself quite contrary to its past image for the sake of party’s survival and future viability. However, it remains to be seen if MQM-P has freed themselves from the clutches of Altaf Hussain or not. A non-violent, non-corrupt, moderate and soft-imaged MQM should be in place to play its due political role in the national politics.


Lahore, September 26.