It seems that Pakistani foreign policymakers have at last have realised that depending on Uncle Sam and Saudi Arabia is not in the best national interest, maybe they have also realised that these two countries used Pakistan for their own national benefits by paying money as aid or gifts, thus discouraging Pakistan from becoming independent financially. They have played a major role in spreading sectarianism and terrorism in Pakistan thus damaging the unity of people of Pakistan. The credit must be given to General Raheel, who has proved by action that Pakistan’s interest is first and above any other personal interest or friendship. By reopening the door of friendship with Russia, despite our bitter past and inviting their army for a joint military exercise of anti-terrorist units is commendable. If China, a non-religious state, can be an all-weather best friend, why not Russia? We should not forget that it was Soviet Union that first helped us to explore oil and gas then built Pakistan’s first steel mill to help us become self-sufficient in oil and gas and steel products, which Uncle Sam and Saudi Arabia never want to see for Pakistan – an economic tiger in Asia, otherwise they would have invested billions in Pakistani industries and exploiting its natural resources.


Lahore, September 27.