FAISALABAD - America is the biggest terrorist state in the world, which wants to put politicians in jail in the name of corruption and religious leaders in the name of terrorism, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Fazl) Chief Fazlur Rehman said.

Addressing Mufti Mehmood conference here the other night, the JUI-F chief held that the US agenda is being promoted in the world by linking beard, turban, Moulvi, seminary and Deen to terrorism. “But they are not terrorists. All the terrorists in the world are by product of US,” he remarked.

Taking jibe at PTI chief Imran Khan, he said that some people are out to create disorder in the country by shutting-down the Federal Capital for undermining the national economy.

“An unwise man wants to fulfil his designs in the name of Panama leaks by making one man convict despite his case being sub judice,” he pointed out.

He alleged that PTI favorite, NAB chairman in KPK, MD Power project and Khyber bank chairman have resigned due to corruption and corrupt practices of the KP chief minister and his ministers.


Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmad has said Sharif can be threat for Sharif.

While speaking “Mufti Mehmood Conference” in Faisalabad, he said Faisalabad has awakened whole of Punjab. He further said the message of Jamiat is the message of Sheikhul Hind.