Lahore - A committee, probing ‘unfair’ marking in the Intermediate part-1 examination has recommended a third party evaluation, it has been learnt.

The committee found that examiners were ‘lenient’ while evaluating the answer sheets as they awarded more marks than the students deserved, they added.

According to the sources, the body recommended “a third party could be hired from the market” to look into the marking matter. The committee will submit the final report to the CM in a couple of days, they maintained.

The Intermediate students took the streets last week for rechecking as, according to them, they were denied due marks, prompting the Punjab CM to form the committee under the additional chief secretary. The Lahore board also hired 50 senior professors of BP 19 and BP 20 to look into the matter and it was found that the examiners were ‘lenient’.

Private college teachers were blamed for the mess created by the students.

Prof Manzar Alam, a former teacher, said that it was mainly issue of the private college students.

“Private college student are behind this mess as the Lahore BISE didn’t allow them to enter into marking process, he said, adding that the marking system was up to the mark and the papers of one board are sent to other ones.

However, a Higher Education Department official said on anonymity that in the past some irresponsible examiners were fined heavily. “They avoid strict marking criteria and favoured many students,” the official said.

Another professor challenged the formation of committee saying:  “The constitution of a committee by the CM was just a ‘lollypop’ to students to cover the faulty and poor marking system”, said Prof Muhammad Yusuf.  “How a high-level committee is allowed to reassess (the marking) when the court has banned remarking and re-evaluation of answer sheets” he asked.  “Pandora ’s Box will open if it happens: ” he added.