Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nation said in his last speech (He will retire in January 2017) “Everyone eats. Everyone needs food. Yet around 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth”. Ban Ki-moon explains that why the global movement for Zero Hunger needs attention of World leaders. Unfortunately, World leaders from America (Obama also delivered last speech because he will retire in November 2016) to China, Pakistan, London, India and many more gave speeches but not a single leader mentioned about the rampant poverty & UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. No one is committed towards the goals and policies to achieve goals. Obama spoke about migration but he didn’t speak about its reasons. America’s arrogant attitude created such a situation in Arab World, especially, that people of Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq and other places are migrating to Europe. London’s Brexit is the most recent example that European nations are also facing crisis due to migration of thousands of people. This mass migration has created a hole of poverty in which people are drowning day by day. Leaders of the nations in their speeches raised issues, which were created because of their own policies. UN under Ban Ki Moon gave nothing to world. Crisis of Arab World especially Syria, Libya, Iraq & Afghanistan has not been resolved, which shows that Ban Ki Moon failed UN.

The issue now is that what will the new secretary general achieve? What is Ban Ki Moon leaving in the basket for a new secretary general to resolve? As per Ban Ki Moon around 795 million people in world are eating no food and facing rampant poverty. Will the new secretary general achieve the target of zero hunger? Will he/she achieve targets of a safe world and resolve migration crisis? According to current speeches of the world leaders, which they delivered in current UN session, not a single leader has mentioned about his/her priorities to reduce poverty and address hunger crisis.

I don’t understand that how the UN will achieve the SDGs At this stage of world crisis, United Nations needs a secretary general who resolve world issues under the banner of UN and reform UN while keeping in mind a new world after fall of communism, globalization and one world order. Now the UN needs a security council where poor nations also sit and raise their issues and General Assembly give importance to issues related to poverty, illiteracy, corruption, terrorism and other related issues. Otherwise, UN will fail again to citizens of the world. I hope the new secretary general will resolve oldest issue of Kashmir & assert UN’s power & approach.


Karachi, September 25.