Minister of Privatisation, Daniyal Aziz, on Saturday gave a presentation to the gathered reporters from the Press Information Department, complete with reams of research and a full-fledged slideshow. The subject of the presentation however, bore only passing connections to economics, and even more tenuous ones to privatisation. Once more the gathered were regaled with the story of how the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was ousted by the Supreme Court (SC) on a legal technicality, and how this decision should be reversed.

This tale has been played out countless times over the past few months – and has been a particular favourite of Daniyal Aziz – the only difference this time around was the introduction of a slide show machine to highlight the many interpretations of the word “asset”. While many of Minister’s observations were on point, after all the decision was based on a technicality, the real question is what is the Minister of Privatisation doing bringing all of this up now?

The issue is done and dusted with, the verdict analysed from each and every aspect by experts and laymen of all political affiliations – there is nothing new that the Minister was saying. Furthermore, what is the objective of criticising the verdict now? The SC cannot reverse its decision now any more than it could have when it was announced. Despite all the legal research at hand Mr Daniyal Aziz seemed to miss a basic fact, that the apex court cannot reverse its own judgements.

All of which begs the most important question; what is the honourable Minister doing with his precious time? It is understandable that he is a Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) member, and part of Mariyam Nawaz’s emerging circle, but he is also a Minister. Perhaps he should spend more time at his actual job – looking after privatisations – instead of investing (taxpayer’s) time and money into PML-N related pet projects.