It is a bitter fact that food served lavishly at all marriage related functions as well as dinners and receptions is dealt with so carelessly by guests without realising that such wasted food items could very well feed many of our less-privileged sisters, brothers and their children if saved. But somehow nobody is ready to eat as per need and continues to waste food by putting in so much on their plates. 

Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has quite rightly emphasised the need for creating awareness among the public against food wastage. According to reports in newspapers, the Chief Minister has stressed the need for avoiding wastage of food to the maximum extent possible in his message on the World Food Day observance, which aimed at accelerating the efforts to solve problems arising from food security. 

The chief minister said that in order to ensure food security, it is necessary that the government, research and financial institutions have close interaction, adding that individuals who have surplus sustenance should impart it to the less blessed fellow beings. Ensuring food security is the duty of the government and it is good to mention here that the provincial government is taking all necessary steps to solve food deficiency issues. Furthermore, the government has also provided various privileges in the agriculture sector in order to ensure security and quite obviously the government is attaching prime priority to ensuring availability of food to every person by maintaining balance demand and supply of food. All this is quite commendable and appreciable, indeed.Thanks. 


Lahore, October 16.