As pragmatism prevails in the widely held narrative of interplay of economy and security says two institutions are closely connected. As such the more security, the more will be exponential economic growth. Likewise the more stable economy, the more citizen witness security milieu. This phenomenon of closely interwoven influence of economy and security is a reality not only for Pakistan but also all over the world. It goes without saying that unstable economy pushes the nation towards all kinds of heinous crimes of murder, smuggling, kidnappings, terror. etc., in order to attain solely monetary advantages. Similarly the insecurity leads to deteriorating economy of the country, that is also a well known reality. The security issues do not only harm sustainability of democracy but it gives a clear dent to economy of any nation by stifling local and foreign investment. Export oriented manufacturing industries come to halt, put a hedge on hotel and tourism industries, foreign remittances flow shrink, import rises disproportionately against export which eventually leads to sky high debt.  

However, the effort to high light inter-influence of economy and security was viewed with much positive approach by the nation in general and the business community of Pakistan Chamber of commerce- main plank of economy, in particular as against the remarks of interior minister that army has no right to comment on economy. The remarks of interior minister do raise a quite naive question to put: Is army not the part of our country to comment on economy? Do the simple comments tantamount interference? Is army official not tax payer? Is it the prerogative of interior ministry to restrain any one to comments on any subject? Does the Chamber of Commerce as mainstream economy plank resent it? Answers of all these more or less we find will not be in affirmative. 

Going on another interlinked point, let me suggest the army to arrange another seminar of similar nature on “Inter-Play of Civil and Military” by inviting all politicians and army officers wherein to highlight the power of both with limitations and how each other’s working influence to each other in order to build cordial civil-military relationship and work together in the national interest. 


Karachi, October 16.