ISLAMABAD - National Accountability Bureau key witness, Wajid Zia, Monday said Jafza authority’s letter and employment contract of Nawaz Sharif were not formed in his presence, however, documents of Capital FZE were not attested by any UAE consulate in Flagship Investment corruption reference.

Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik resumed hearing of Flagship Investment reference against Nawaz Sharif. The former premier was also present in the courtroom. Khawaja Haris, defence counsel for Nawaz Sharif, cross-questioned Panama JIT head Wajid Zia in Flagship Investment reference. He said the documents regarding Capital FZE were not testified by any consulate in UAE, adding there was difference in the name of Nawaz written in Arabic and English. Haris also raised queries regarding screenshot of the documents inscribed with the name of Nawaz Sharif, on which Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik said: “What sort of questions are you asking, Khawaja Sahib?”

While responding to the queries of Khawaja Haris, Wajid Zia informed the accountability court that it was not in his knowledge that an inquiry was under trial against Panama JIT member Irfan Naeem Mangi on the orders of the apex court. Khawaja Haris also raised queries regarding formation of the JIT and role of Brig Kamran and Irfan Mangi, on which Wajid Zia replied that he had no knowledge about specific instructions of the apex court for Irfan Mangi to be part of the JIT team. He also added it was not in his knowledge that proceedings were underway against NAB DG Irfan Mangi about his deputation in the bureau. Later, the court adjourned hearing of Flagship investment reference until (Tuesday) today.

Earlier, former premier Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani met Nawaz Sharif in the courtroom and said four former PMs had so far appeared in the accountability court in different corruption references, adding a fifth PM will also come to the court.