In a report, Imran Khan thoughts some ideas about the development of Pakistan, which can give benefits to the citizens. In Islamabad, with a conference meeting, he discussed some current issues, which are stopping Pakistan to grow up, and they all were links with only, clean and green Pakistan.  

Visitors are ignoring Pakistan, because of no cleanliness, he said, the waste of ours are not letting Pakistan to be cleaned. He said about the lack of toilets and facilities, which are the causes of stopping visitors.  

In clean and green project, he decided to make public toilets in overall country with emergency telephone. In this project, he announced for a website, where citizens can take parts for the cleaning and greening Pakistan. It would provide jobs opportunities, if whosoever do well in this great work. He especially, changed some rules of school lives, he said from class 1st till 5th, students will get some tips and knowledge about the cleanliness and greenish of a country, and they would get the chances for taking part. At the end, he requested to the social media to share these words to the citizens for corporations of their in this project. 


Kech, October 8.