MIRPURKHAS - Qaiser Khan Khoso, 90, resident of Gharibabad of Kot Ghulam Muhammad town has called the high ups to take immediate notice of murder of his daughter Mir Zadi, 30, wife of Sarang Chandio.

Speaking at the press conference here on Monday at local press club, he said that about seven years ago, his deaf daughter Mir Zadi, 30, was married with Sarang Chandio, resident of Sohrab Khan Chandio village, near Badin city.

He further said that his daughter had come to his house and residing with him that on October 15, Ghazi Khan Chandio, Ali Gul Chandio and Nadir Khan Chandio came to his house and taken away her to Badin.

However, on October 19, he was informed through phone call that his daughter has drawn in LBOD drain and came there for taken her body to KGM for burial purpose.

He said that he arrived there where he found tortured marks on her body even she were strangulated. He was manhandled there by armed persons and issued threats of dire consequences him when he made hue and cry over her murder.

He blamed that they forced her to taken her body to Kot Ghulam Muhammad town for burial and then accused Sarang Khan Chandio, Ghazi Khan Chandio, Ali Gul Chandio, Mohram Khan Chandio and others came to KGM town along with body and him in ambulance where she was under serious threats buried in the KGM graveyard in same night.

He alleged that he was issued threats of killing if he informed to the media about this incident and tried to contact with police in this regard.

He urged the Sindh government to take immediate notice, ensure registration of murder case, postmortem of his daughter and punish exemplary to the involved above accused.