Here’s to the adventure seekers in Pakistan, if you wandered into the Portal Gaming focus in Lahore this weekend, you really had it all!

This is what you would have seen, groups of video gamers’ in dim rooms clustered over brilliantly lit PCs, showered in Mountain Dew's neon green sparkle.

Gamers aren't physically expressive cluster but one look at their activity stuffed screens and you'd comprehend the enthusiasm they put into their games. Furthermore, you'd hear them before you even observe them: Correspondence between groups is the key to survive.

And what an exciting experience it was! Mountain Dew has opened up another stage for its fans in Pakistan. While people may have figured PC gamers to be calm yet the Dew Gamers Arena has demonstrated something else. Last week saw all DGA gamers' being energized and uproarious! It brought another stage for gamers, as well as began uniting the skilled ones of the country.

With one qualifier effectively added to their repertoire, we have already started to visualise what other exercises Dew has in store for us.

With more qualifiers in their future, the Portal Esports were excited, nervous and zipping with adrenaline. After all, they took out 31 other teams, went head to head in over gruelling matches and all in just three days.

The PE will now go up against in the amazing finale with the winner’s of qualifiers from Karachi, Islamabad and Rest of Pakistan.

The next Lahore DGA qualifier will be of Dota! Gamers, have you signed up yet?!