LOS ANGELES-Paris Hilton says her mother is her ‘best friend’.

The 37-year-old DJ and socialite feels incredibly lucky to be so close to her mum Kathy and she is also inspired by her long and happy marriage to her father Rick.

In an interview on Italian TV show ‘Domenica Live’, she said: ‘’My family and I are so close. I feel so lucky because my mother is my best friend. I think it is so important to have family values. My mum and dad have been together since my mum was 15 years old. And in Hollywood this is so very rare, so my parents are such an inspiration to me and such a beautiful loving couple.’’

Paris - who is engaged to actor-and-model Chris Zylka - inherited her strong work ethic from her parents and although she accepts she grew up is in a very privileged position due to her family’s wealth she was always determined to make her own money.

The former ‘Simple Life’ star’s great-grandfather Conrad Hilton is the founder of Hilton Hotels and her own business empire which includes the launch of over 20 fragrances into the market.

She added: ‘’I feel so blessed and lucky. I work very hard and, yes I do come from a privileged family. I’m lucky that I come from a line of businessmen and businesswomen who I look up to, they are amazing mentors and they are the reason why I’m so successful.’’

Paris is the oldest sibling of four children and has sister Nicky - who is married to businessman James Rothschild - and brothers Barron and Conrad.