The abuse administered by domestic workers, especially minors, often goes unnoticed due to the lack of any laws protecting these minors. Usually the individuals who resort to violence on young kids are those with influence and often get away even if a case is registered. The story of Tayyaba that made rounds on media in 2016 all ended in vain when the individuals involved eventually got away when all the limelight of the case was taken away after they were sentenced to three years in prison. The case of Kinza is of the same nature and reminds us of the human rights violations taking place in this country.

An 11 years old should not be working for anyone and even if they have to, the authorities must come up with a mechanism to keep a check on the situation because many survivors do not have anyone to go to if they are being mistreated. The laws of the country should be revised to introduce strict punishment for those who commit such crimes and a task force is needed to ensure that these individuals cannot buy their way out of punishment.

It is commendable that once more social media, and through them the mainstream media, rallied to the cause in a strong fashion. The prompt action of the Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, who moved the relevant authority to action were also crucial, and thoroughly commendable. However, it should not take the notice of a minister for such cases to be brought to justice; we must establish a proactive system.

Child abuse runs deep in the Pakistani society and it is the mentality which refuses to accept anyone of lesser privileged background to be considered as an equal. Tayyaba’s lack of justice should not be Kinza’s story too.