LOS ANGELES-Lauren Conrad’s clothing collection has ‘’mirrored her life milestones’’.

The 33-year-old television personality has released a new collection to mark 10 years of her lifestyle brand and loves how the collection links in with her own life.

She said: ‘’We really started as a clothing line and have become a lifestyle brand. It’s been really nice to grow along with this brand. They really mirrored my life milestones. We did a maternity line when I was pregnant. Whenever there’s something happening in my life, they’re like, ‘Let’s talk about it, it should be reflected in the line,’ which is really cool. I think as I continue to grow and have changes in my life that will continue to be shown throughout the line.’’ And the ‘Hills’ star says this new 10th anniversary collection will encapsulate the brand.

Speaking in a video to mark the tenth anniversary and also launch the new collection to celebrate the milestone, she added: ‘’The 10th anniversary collection is inspired by everything that this line stands for. You’ll see that through the colour story and the embellishment and the fabrics and silhouettes. It’s really a concentrated collection of our aesthetic and I’m very excited about. It really feels like a celebration of this brand.’’

Lauren launched a plus size clothing range back in 2017.