The Prime Minister (PM) of Malaysia, Mahathir Muhammad, insists on not retracting his comments that he made in the United Nations (UN) against the Indian occupation of Kashmir. The world can learn a great deal from the example of the Malaysian PM’s decision not to retract his words against India’s treatment of Kashmir and Kashmiri people. The Indian state knows well that it offers one of the most thriving markets to the producers. India quite easily coerces countries to overlook its excesses in the occupied territories of Kashmir. But Malaysian PM is not another leader. And he’s ready to face any consequence. It is such courage that, if the rest of the leaders of the world show, can force India to let Kashmiri people decide their fate.

And Mahathir Muhammad is not saying anything alien. He’s asking the world that it should abide by the resolutions of the UN; otherwise, the body will have no purpose. The world needs to give a thought to the Malaysian leader’s words. Moreover, without considering the cost and benefit analysis of India’s boycott of its palm oil, Malaysia has seized the moral leadership of the world. Malaysia has emerged as an example that is determined to name and shame New Delhi over its illegal occupation of Kashmir.

The global silence over Kashmir is explained by the fact that in the last two decades or so, India’s emergence as a key economic power and market. None of the industrial states wants to strain its trade ties with New Delhi. For these countries, their commercial interests trump humanity. Therefore, today, the killing fields of Kashmir dwarf those of Palestine. In addition to everyday regime of arbitrary arrests, curfews, raids, the latest blackout of the valley in the aftermath of revocation of Articles 35 A and 370 are not enough to move the world’s consciousness. These days, when every country is securing economic gains in India, Mahathir’s comment is a ray of hope for Kashmiris.