Islamabad - Mangla Power House was closed down on Tuesday after the Indus River System Authority (Irsa) stopped outflows from the reservoir.

“As the Kharif crop is at maturing stage so keeping in view the lean demand on Punjab’s request, Mangla Power House is being closed down with immediate effect till further orders,” said Irsa spokesman Khalid Rana during an interaction with media.

“Simultaneously, on similar request by Sindh, Tarbela outflows were curtailed to 33,000 cusecs from 40,000 cusecs on Monday and will further be reduced to 25,000 cusecs on Tuesday till further orders, the spokesman said.

After closure of Mangla Power House and considerable reduction in Tarbela outflows, share of hydel electricity in the national grid was reduced considerably.

The provinces will start drawing waters again from 27/28 October for sowing of wheat crop.

Irsa stops outflows from reservoir

As per data released by Irsa, inflows in River Indus at Tarbela was 33,400 cusecs and outflows were 33,000 cusecs, inflow in Kabul at Nowshera was 12,000 cusecs and outflows 12,000 cusecs, inflows in Jhelum at Mangla 8,800 cusecs and outflows 3,800 cusecs, inflows in Chenab at Marala was 15,000 cusecs and outflows 10,300 cusecs.

Inflow in Jinnah Barrage was 57,700 cusecs and outflows 51,700 cusecs, inflows in Chashma were 46,900 cusecs and outflows 40,000 cusecs, inflows in Taunsa were 50,000 cusecs and outflows 49,800 cusecs, Panjnad inflows were 8,400 cusecs and outflows 8,400 cusecs, inflows in Guddu were 49,900 cusecs and outflows 44,800 cusecs, inflow in Sukkur 38,300 cusecs and outflows 10,100 cusecs, inflows in Kotri 30,900 cusecs and outflows 4,000 cusecs.

Tarbela, against the minimum operating level of 1,392 feet, is presently at 1524.95 feet. The maximum conservation level of dam is 1,550 feet. Mangla against the minimum operating level of 1,050 feet is presently at 1201.70 feet. The maximum conservation level of Mangla is 1,242 feet.

Chashma against the minimum operating level of 638.15 feet is presently at 644.90 feet. The maximum conservation level of Chashma is 649 feet.