We as Pakistani nation are proud of our PM who is trying to bring peace amongst our brotherly Muslim countries; however, I feel his utmost priority should be our national issues.

‘Charity begins at home’; the PM’s impressive and emotional speech in UNGA could unfortunately help him gain no sympathy of world leaders to address Kashmir’s issue, due to their own vested interest. What a pity that even our foreign minister is sitting comfortably at home instead of visiting powerful countries and convincing them to pressurize India to resolve Kashmir’s issue as per UNGA’s resolution.

Inside the country JUIF is all geared up with its troops (under the leadership of Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman) for an anti-government long march cum dharna. What will maulana achieve except for failure, resulting in chaos in the country.

To start with, the government should have negotiated with Maulana and other political parties to resolve their differences and come to an amicable solution. However the PM and his cronies are busy bashing the previous governments for their failures and are delivering irresponsible and provocative speeches against them; as a result of this degrading attitude, personal rivalries are arising.

The economy of our country is in shambles, inflation, unemployment and poverty have crossed all limits. It has become impossible for the common man to make both ends meet, as the prices of all commodities i.e. food, medicine, petrol, gas, electricity have risen to unbearable limit (pretty depressing).

I, as a senior citizen of Pakistan, request the PM to look into the above matters personally by getting out of the clutches of his flatterers and unelected technocrats in his cabinet that are pleasing their genuine masters. He should strengthen his own party by replacing these flatterers and technocrats with elected PTI diehard members, who have struggled hard with him over the last 20 years.

May Allah grant our rulers the just frame of mind to rule our beloved country. Ameen!

Pakistan Zindabad!