ISLAMABAD-Passengers are a long-suffering lot as eatables, drinks and various food items are being sold at inflated prices by tuck shop owners and kiosk proprietors at the New Islamabad International Airport.

Most of the tuck shops were seen fleecing travellers and commuters by charging exorbitant rates on most eatables and beverages.

The people visiting International Airport have appealed to the higher authorities to take strict notice of the escalating prices of commodities at the airport tuck shops, which are charging exorbitant prices of different things.

According to passengers and their relatives who were at Airport complained that these shops were selling their items at much higher rates than the notified retail price.

Mohammad Ikram, who was going to Dubai, overcharging at airport tuck shops has become a routine affair and passengers can be seen purchasing items without inquiring about the prices.

He said they are selling biscuit pack Rs50 to 100 which is mostly sold between 10 to 20 rates in normal city shops.

Another customer said, “I just came here to drop my relatives for Denmark and purchased some cold drinks for my kids, but rates were very high as compared to the open market.”

The shopkeepers refused to comment over the issue when they were asked to give reason for charging higher prices.

A mineral water bottle, cold drink, cup of tea, snacks are being sold at higher prices by shop owners, said another passenger Zain Suleman.

A passenger Mohsin Iftikhar while travelling from domestic flights said that these shopkeepers are cheating the passengers and charging the prices at their own will, which is not only creating problems for visitors, but it is also creating bad image among the foreign visitors.

Another female visitor Azra Asghar said the shopkeeper was not even willing to give her a bill for the drinks, so she decided not to buy it at all. The shopkeepers refused to comment over the issue.

An official at International airport admitted that the prices are higher at the airport as compared to open market just because of the difference of location.

Meanwhile, the administration assured that food inspectors at airport would soon conduct raids against these shopkeepers for maintaining the prices and will strictly fine them for profiteering.