Pakistan is rigorously pursuing its narrative to highlight Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir (IOK). India has persistently violated the Line of Control (LOC) several times since Narendra Modi assumed power as Prime Minister (PM) of the country. In a recent attempt to attack imagined “terror launch pads” in Pakistan, the Indian army attacked the local property in Nauseri, Shahkot and Jura sectors near the Line of Control (LoC). The Inter-Services Public Relations Director General (DG ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor took a team of foreign diplomats to these areas to debunk the Indian narrative and showcase property that has been damaged as a result of this aggression.

DG ISPR briefed these diplomats about the situation and told them about the LoC violations by India. He said that in 2018, there were 3,038 Indian ceasefire violations and 58 civilians were martyred while 319 were injured. In 2019, so far there have been 2,608 ceasefire violations due to which 44 civilians have been martyred and 230 injured. The difference in cross border violations is that Pakistan follows the protocol of only attacking the military posts, whereas, India shuns all diplomatic norms during LoC violations and that causes a lot of damage to public life and property.

The Indian High Commission neither joined the visit nor provided the coordinates of the terror launch pads that they attacked. This highlights India’s weakened position. It was important to establish the supremacy of Pakistan’s narrative, especially since India is continuously pursuing an anti-Pakistan narrative that benefits the Modi government. At the same time, it is different for the political actors to engage in rhetoric, the Indian Army Chief doing so is highly problematic because that perpetuates the violent narrative. Indian army chief General Bipin Rawat should be held accountable for the destruction of public property and the casualties caused by them not adhering to protocol.

Cross border skirmishes have become extremely common in the last couple of years since Modi assumed power. This is highly problematic for civilians on both ends. This particular visit will establish the need to rebuke the actions of the Indian government that now blatantly relies on its economic ties in order to pursue its violent plans across the border within Pakistan and also in Indian Occupied Kashmir. India’s lack of proof of Pakistan’s wrongdoings is further proof that both the Indian military and the government are engaging in propaganda against Pakistan.