PESHAWAR - Minister for Agriculture,Livestock and Fisheries Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mo­hibullah Khan Thurs­day said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was steering the coun­try in the right direc­tion and economic indicators had started improving fast.

On the other hand, the KP agriculture minister said that op­position parties had resorted to agitation politics to create chaos in the country despite of the fact they caused massive damage to the national economy in their tenures. 

He expressed these views during a meeting with delegation of el­ders from Swat Mutta area on the occasion of Fazil Banda to Jaro Gor road inauguration. He said that road would be constructed at the cost of Rs160 million.

He said that people were fully cognizant of corrupt practices of the opposition and had re­jected their narrative. 

Tourism and trade activities would improve

He said that the PTI-led government under the dynamic leader­ship of Prime Minister Imran Khan was tak­ing concrete measures for the development of the country and net­work of roads was be­ing laid in all areas of the KP including Swat which would usher in socio-economic devel­opment of those areas.

He said in past, back­ward areas were ne­glected while this Gov­ernment had diverted more funds for its de­velopment.

He said with con­struction of the road, tourism and trade ac­tivities would improve and it would help re­move sense of depri­vation among people of the area which was caused as result of dis­criminatory policies of past governments.