Daulatpur, a town of Dist Shaheed Benazir Abad, has been producing excellent teachers, hardworking engineers, doctors, lawyers and many other professionals, yet the town has no public library. The town has the infrastructure of almost every department, but the absence of a public library has endangered the future of many students. It has deprived many underprivileged students of a proper educational atmosphere. Surprisingly, students, who can afford to travel to Nawabshah and Hyderabad for attending the library on a daily basis, have to cover the distance of 60 km to 150km respectively. One of the saddening parts of the story is that a majority of the students discontinue their study owing to their financial issues as they cannot afford to join the library in Hyderabad or Nawabshah. Only the presence of a library can address their financial as well as other core issues. Therefore, the construction of a public library is the need of an hour.

Therefore, the significance of a library for Daulatpur cannot be overemphasized. For that purpose, we, students of Daulatpur, initiated a trend on Twitter naming #Daulatpurdeserveslibrary. However, the trend did not achieve the milestones we expected, yet it helped us to bring people for a common cause. The trend created a buzz among the masses. It united the youth of the Daulatpur for an important cause. It also brought the attention of local social and political figures to this grave issue. The purpose of this write-up is to highlight our issue so that it can reach to the higher authorities. I urge local administration, cultural departments of Sindh government and federal education authorities to give us the basic right of education which is enshrined in 25-A the article of the constitution of Pakistan. We demand a public library where we can work for our future and can foresee a prosperous future of generations to come.