Pity the country that accepts satire and fun about its neighbouring country as truth while remaining oblivious to the rifts at home. Today, Indian society is under a thick veil of ignorance. Even the otherwise rational minds also fall for what the Indian government and media weave together against Pakistan. The disinformation about civil warfare in Karachi that many of the news outlets in India spread is an attempt to feed Indian people a dose of nationalism. The aim behind spreading such toxic nationalism and fake news is to cover the failure of the Modi’s government at home.

India needs no external enemy when Modi’s government is in power. Muslims are ghettoised in India today. Christians fear for their lives. Dalits are lynched in daylight, and their killers go unpunished. Anyone who dares to bring truth to surface and give an accurate picture of the Indian society is banned. Today, Amnesty International and other human rights groups and organisations have no option but to wind up their operations in India that is becoming increasingly intolerant. When such a dangerous situation is at home, worrying for Pakistan is unwise. Indians must do something about their government that is trying to cause them irreparable loss.

There are also cases of sedition against journalists. The media is being controlled like never before. Any difference of opinion is not tolerated. This is something that is not acceptable for a democratic society. It is ironic that a country still deems itself based on universal franchise when a select few brought in through a wave of populism reign supreme and control the narrative with an iron fist.

Are there any lessons that we can learn from today’s India? Yes, we can learn from India’s mistakes. We must not let ourselves to embark on the path that India has taken ever since BJP came to power.