Rahim Yar Khan - A man who had gone missing from Rahim Yar Khan in 2006 is now stated to be in a jail in the Indian city of Jaipur.

After the completion of 14-year jail term, awarded to the man for crossing the border by mistake, the Central Jail authorities in Jaipur contacted his father some days ago, who has now appealed to the government of Pakistan to help secure his son’s release.

According to details, a case was registered against the Pakistani citizen after he was caught by the Indian authorities in 2006 for crossing the border by mistake.

He was sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment which was completed seven months ago. 

Throughout this period, his wife, a child and parents kept yearning to meet him.

Talking to the media, man’s father Nazir Ahmed said that Foreign Ministry should take steps to bring his innocent son imprisoned in Indian jail back to Pakistan on completion of his sentence.

Muhammad Nazir Ahmed, a resident of Chak 103 One L of Cholistan desert area, told the media that his young son Abbas Ali had crossed the border by mistake in 2006.