ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Thursday said that the responsibility of the whole Karachi incident falls on Prime Minister Imran Khan as institutions such as the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Pakistan Rangers take their orders from the country’s premier.

He was commenting on the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Captain (R) Safdar as he spoke to the media here. 

“Both the institutions, the ISI and Rangers, directly report to the Prime Minister. Someone gave them instructions and that person can only be the prime minister,” he believed. He was sure that no one else could do that. He said order of the prime minister was tantamount to violating the sanctity of ‘chaddar and char dewari’. “The order was unlawful,” he said and added, “This is the reality. These matters are very serious. The Constitution was violated, the authority of the province was challenged and the province’s top officer was kidnapped. These are not small matters. All things indicate towards the premier’s office.” He said that the premier will have to give answer to such acts. He said the Prime Minister not only violated the oath he had taken as PM but also directed other officials to break their own oaths. 

Abbasi said that he had expected the courts to take suo motu notice of the incident and lamented that the courts didn’t move on the issue. “Today a police officer was kidnapped and they didn’t take notice,” he said. He observed that the country’s courts ousted a premier for holding Iqama in a suo motu case but they are silent when the Constitution is in trouble. “If the inspector general of police is not safe, no one is safe then,” he observed.