LAHORE/MULTAN - The Pakistani nation along with Kashmiris would observe Black Day on Tuesday (October 27) to convey to the international community that they complete­ly reject India’s illegal occupa­tion of held Kashmir. 

It was on this day in 1947 when Indian troops invaded Jammu and Kashmir against the will and aspirations of Kash­miris, and violated the partition plan of the Subcontinent.

The Black day observance will highlight the 73 year-old still ongoing struggle of Kash­miris in their quest to right to self-determination. Several programmes, including rallies and seminars, would be held throughout the country to ex­press solidarity with the people of Illegally occupied Kashmir.

The Alhamra Arts Council would arrange a number of pro­grammes depicting the plight of Kashmiris, whereas radio and television channels would mark the day with special trans­missions in which prominent political and social personali­ties would voice their opinion against the human rights viola­tions of Kashmiris. 

The Nazaria Pakistan Trust (NPT) would organize demon­strations and protest gather­ings against the human rights’ violations and atrocities by the Indian armed forced in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, said a spokesman for NPT here on Thursday.

He said that the people of Kash­mir had rendered innumerable sacrifices during their struggle for self-determination and were committed to getting their free­dom. NPT said arrangements had also been made in the provin­cial capital to hold various pro­grammes to condemn the illegal occupation by India of Kashmir.

Also, NPT and Tehreek-i-Pak­istan Workers Trust would hold a series of sittings to pay tribute to the Pakistan Movement vet­erans. The life and services of leading veterans of the Pakistan Movement would be highlighted.





Member of National Assembly Sardar Mian Zubair Mahmood Chanar said here on Thursday that incessant use of Indian brute force in occupied Kashmir (oK) could lead to the second episode of Kargil conflict.

While talking to the APP, he said that this time nobody would come to the rescue of India since this time Imran Khan, not Nawaz Shar­if, was at the helm of affairs who never took dictation on national interests. He said if Imran Khan were the prime minister during the Kargil war of 1999, Pakistan Army wouldn’t have suffered losses.

He said General (r) Pervez Musharraf was a brave soldier who had crushed India after breaking into its house. “Alas! Pakistan lost the battle won by its troops in occupied Kashmir due to Nawaz Sharif, who took dictation from the then US Presi­dent Bill Clinton,” he lamented.

Condemning brutalities be­ing committed by Indian forces in the held valley, Chanar said it was a great tragedy that when­ever anybody crossed the Line of Control (LoC) either mistak­enly or due to some negligence, its dead body was thrown across other side of the border.

He said holding protest for the freedom of Kashmiris on the oc­casion of Black Day on Oct 27 was their foremost right. “But remember that we will pick up guns if no solution is found to the Kashmir problem,” he warned. “Another Kargil is set to take place to push back India from its illegal confiscation at the held-valley” he said. Chanar was foreseeing of constituting a re­gional Islamic block with Afghan and Iran to be its key members to descend on India to liberate Kashmir in near future. 

“Because only protest wouldn’t result in success” he said and adding that protest is the first weapon, last weapon is ultimate­ly rested with fighting Jihad and time was ripe for it” he stated.

He said soon the world would witness that we would confront India same like of China which had caught its forces in Ladakh after controlling about 130 ki­lometers of the area was under Chinese control.

Referring current phase of pro­test launched by Pakistan Demo­cratic Movement (PDM), the law­maker held clear the incumbent government would complete its five years tenure as validated by the constitution of the country.