ISLAMABAD - Over 200 Pakistani medical professionals reached Kuwait on Thursday under a bilateral agreement, inked to meet health needs of the gulf country. The government of Kuwait had recently agreed to hire services of a number of healthcare professionals from Pakistan in the wake of coronavirus, a spokesman for the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (OP&HRD) said. He said initially Kuwait demanded services of 600 medical professionals, of which over 200 had already reached there while the remaining 400 would depart soon. 

The spokesman said the first batch of healthcare professionals included 15 doctors, nurses 152 and 41 medical technicians. He said the medical professionals were received by Ambassador of Pakistan to Kuwait Syed Sajjad Haider on their arrival to the gulf state. Speaking to the medical professionals on their arrival in Kuwait, the ambassador said the initiative would pave the way for opening other sectors for Pakistani workers in the friendly country. He said Pakistani medical professionals were being appreciated worldwide for their efforts to curb the coronavirus spread in their country. He urged them to work in Kuwait with dedication.

Earlier, at a pre-departure briefing, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on OP&HRD Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari exhorted the outgoing healthcare professionals to uphold the highest values and standards of professionalism as they would be the ambassadors of Pakistan in Kuwait. “It will be you, who will pave the way for other Pakistanis, aspiring to seek jobs in Kuwait,” he remarked.

He said Pakistan was fully committed to the development of Kuwait and would provide skilled workforce in multiple sectors, aligned with its Vision 2035.  

Zulfikar Bukhari said the revival of workforce export to Kuwait was a historic moment for Pakistan as not a single worker had been sent to the Gulf country during the last 13 years. He said a high concentration of Pakistani workforce in Kuwait would help foster the bilateral ties between the two countries. “We want to expand our relations with Kuwait in every sector, especially those which are aligned with its vision 2035.”