KARACHI - PTI Member National Assembly Sadaqat Ali Abbasi on Thursday said that Sindh Government itself politicizing the issue of Inspector General of Police (IGP) to reap political benefit as it was the issue of provincial government and they had their own authorities to handle things in a proper way.

Talking to media, he said Sindh Government had always tried to hide its corruption and incompetence by blaming the Federal Government for all the problems.

He said criticising the government or its policies was the democratic right of the opposition parties, but they should exercise care while talking about the state institutions.

He urged that opposition leaders should avoid such statements which could prove harmful to democracy, national integrity and security institutions and benefit Pakistan’s internal and external enemies.

He said after a long struggle the democratic system was moving towards stability and we are proud of our institutions and their performance as well.

MNA sadaqat Abbasi further said that the opposition parties were getting united only for protecting plundered national wealth, “otherwise they have different agendas. We face no threat from them.”