ISLAMABAD   -   Life has become so fast that it is hard to spare time for ourselves. We all are busy in our tough routines. Whether we are working, studying or doing domestic chores, the last thing we do is take care of our skin. Investing so much in costly makeup products but forgetting the need of having plump, soft skin with a luminous glow is a big problem. Ostruce is our trusted source for skincare and we trust Ostruce to the point that we want to share this with you. We bet that your one purchase will keep you going back for more, again and again. We are sharing the quickest organic facial you can get, at the comfort of your home and avoiding undue exposure in these uncertain times. You just need a few minutes from your clock. 

Do it daily or weekly, the choice is entirely yours. How to do it: Squeeze a small amount of Ostruce Cleansing Gel on your fingers. Scrub it through your face and neck gently (especially on the t-zone where there are higher chances of black/white heads). Wash with water. Visit their website for more details.