THE discovery of a cache of arms dumped near the gymnasium inside Punjab University consisting of five Kalashnikovs, 12 hand-grenades and a large number of other explosives is a matter of serious concern. The weapons were stored obviously for some kind of terrorist activity on the campus. The presence of arms at the university bears testimony to the fact that the security measures there are not up to the mark, putting a big question mark on the safety of students. No doubt, the huge campus divided into several sectors makes it easy for law-breakers to sneak in and create mischief; yet there is an obvious need for tightening these measures. The security personnel stationed at the gates ought to be invariably alert to check the entry of any suspicious persons or goods. Since the PU has a long history of rival student groups clashing with each other, the possibility of other caches of weapons stored elsewhere cannot be ruled out. Therefore, the university administration ought to beef up the security, ensure that the campus is free from all kinds of weapons and see to it that discipline is maintained at all costs. Serious efforts must be made to reform the culture at our universities. Some groups with vested interests have been using the students to achieve their petty ends. The shootout in Karachi University a month ago that claimed the lives of three students and injured many, is a case in point. One hopes that the government would wake up to its duty and stop the miscreants from destroying the fabric of our educational institutions.