As a result of Pakistan's second presidential election in 11 months, Asif Ali Zardari appears to have gained a big lead over his two rivals PML-N and PML-Q. It now all depends on Mr Zardari's ability to lead the country out of the economic and military crisis. The PPP-led government, now in the sixth month of its existence, has not yet arranged the foreign funds needed to prop up the economy. Meanwhile, the Americans appear to have lost patience with Pakistan and are launching regular drone strikes in our Tribal Areas. Pakistan has suspended fuel supplies of American forces in Afghanistan in retaliation and the relations between Pakistan and US are at their lowest ebb since 9-11. Mr Zardari must show leadership to overcome these crises as soon as possible. -S. ALINA MASROOR NAQVI, Karachi, via e-mail, September 7.