GIVEN the long history of our bitter relations with India, there seems to be little justification for establishing commercial relations with it until the Kashmir dispute, that has been the principal sore point between the two, has been resolved. Somehow, our leaders have come round to New Delhi's view of the benefits trade could provide to either side. Now the just concluded Indo-Pak talks at New Delhi reportedly gave final shape to starting trade across LoC. This is particularly strange, in the backdrop of Indian claims of Pakistan's involvement in any terrorist activity against it and the atrocities its security forces are committing on innocent people in Held Kashmir. The previous regime showed a great deal of flexibility, but that has failed to bring about a change of heart in India. In the meanwhile there are reports that tensions are mounting along the border and incidents of crossfire are common now. New Delhi is also going ahead with its nefarious design of diverting the water flowing into Pakistan. Presently it is storing water in the Baglihar dam, built in violation of Indus Waters Treaty, knowing full well that it would destroy our crops. It is unwise to put the core issue on the backburner under the circumstances.