The top American general in charge of the war against the Taliban and other militants in Afghanistan has warned that Indias increasing influence in the war-torn country is likely to exacerbate regional tensions. In his 'Commanders Initial Assessment on the Afghan war made public on Sunday, General Stanley McChrystal said the situation there is serious and deteriorating. Indian political and economic influence is increasing in Afghanistan, including significant development efforts and financial investment," the general said the section on external influences. In addition, the current Afghan government is perceived by Islamabad to be pro-Indian, the McChrystal report notes. But it adds: While Indian activities largely benefit the Afghan people, increasing Indian influence in Afghanistan is likely to exacerbate regional tensions and encourage Pakistani countermeasures in Afghanistan or India. In its section on Pakistan, the report insists that insurgent and violent extremist groups based in that country are reportedly aided by some elements of Pakistans ISI. The report zeroes in on Al-Qaedas links to the Haqqani network (HQN) inside Pakistan and says expanded HQN control could create a favourable environment for AQAM to re-establish safe havens in Afghanistan.