ISLAMABAD The treasury benches as well as Opposition in the National Assembly on Wednesday came down hard on a non-governmental organisation PILDAT, which issued the report of the latest assets of the politicians, and urged the parliamentarians to get united against such propaganda against them. Responding to a point of order raised by Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said when judiciary came under criticism, they got united and the same was the case with Army. So the time has come for the politicians to bring unity among them for the sovereignty of the Parliament, Premier Gilani added. Talking about the Accountability Bill, he said the accountability should be across the board. There is a minor difference between accountability and revenge. I support the Accountability Bill. We will bring it with consensus and pass it unanimously, Gilani added. He said, If anybody wants to change us, it makes no difference because he/she will come to this House through peoples votes. We believe in supremacy of the Parliament. We respect all institutions working under the Constitution as well as decisions of the judiciary. He said that in the past same charges had been levelled against the democratic governments to topple them and once again such allegations were being levelled against politicians. The parliamentarians are constitutionally elected members of this House and I will protect them, the Prime Minister assured the House. He said those who were talking of the Bangladeshi type of system in Pakistan should know that this system had even failed in Bangladesh. And if technocrats want to come to this House, they should contest elections. We would not let anybody enjoy dual privileges. One who desires authority should also take the responsibility, he added. The people are well aware who is who but we need to be united, he said and added, We respect the Provincial Government and the Assemblies and all of us should join hands for at least the bare minimum. He also requested media to respect the Parliament as all powers are derived through the Parliament. You also enjoy respect only due to democracy. You have also rendered sacrifices for democracy and should strengthen the institution. He said politicians were held accountable by masses every time they go to election. But those who dont seeking masses vote escape accountability, he added. Even a returning officer rejects papers of a politician if a small utility bill or other dues are outstanding against them, he added. We render sacrifices for democracy but are blamed for corruption every time and are sent to homes. But, now accountability should be for everybody and across the board, he said. Earlier, Leader of the Opposition on a point of order said that the NGO, which had issued this report, should also look and work on the assets of the other segments of the society. Why they people do not investigate the assets of generals, bureaucrats, property dealers and businessmen? The assets of every pubic office holder should be publicised , Nisar urged. He said that the retired generals had made the assets of billion of rupees and now were going to announce their own political party. He blamed the Federal Government for these allegations levelled against Parliamentarians, as it had not yet finalised accountability bill. He added that those who had evidence of corruption against politicians should contact FBR or courts. Earlier responding to call attention notices regarding petrol shortage and LPG prices, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting told the House that the shortage of petrol in Punjab and other areas was due to flood which halted the refineries and also disturbed the road infrastructure. He said the situation was now controlled and the petrol was being supplied in Punjab. Meanwhile Advisor to Prime Minister Ghazanfar Gull said that the flood damaged the roads, which created difference between the demand and the supply. The rates went up but now they were coming down, Gull said. Later speaking on a point of order, Abid Sher Ali condemned cut in the budget of universities and urged the Government to let the educational institutes work. However, Qamar Zaman Kaira said the issue was discussed in the Federal Cabinet meeting and all the concerns of the universities had been addressed.