LAHORE - JI Chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, has asked the government to extend full support to Kashmiris movement for independence. In a press statement issued from Mansoora on Wednesday he deplored governments silence and indifference to the indiscriminate killings of the Kashmiris by the Indian army. He urged to mobilise the Pakistan Embassies all over the world for a vigorous movement in support of the Kas-hmiris right to self-determination. He said that the OIC should also be pressed for expressing its solidarity with the Kashmiris. JI Chief said that the uprising in the Kashmir and the sacrifices being offered by the Kashmiris were unmat-chable as the Indian forces had failed to crush the freedom movement despite brutal use of force. He said that the determination shown by the Kashmiris during the last four months proved that they would not accept any solution of the Kashmir issue other than free, fair and impartial plebiscite. Syed Munawar proposed to New Delhi to see the writing on the wall and allow the Kashmiris their right to self-determination under the UN resolutions.