LAHORE - PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday expressed dismay over the suspension of educational activities in higher institutions, impressing upon the government to take immediate steps for the resumption of academic activities in universities across the country. 'No reason is convincing enough to stab the process of enlightening the youth in the back particularly in a millennium that has been dedicated to the promotion of learning the world over, he said. He said the Vice Chancellors and other senior academicians taking to street was something unheard of and could not have been imagined anywhere in the world. 'Pocketing this disgrace with indifference only shows how apathetically the ruling coalition is conducting itself, he added. The boycott of some 72 universities nationwide on financial matters only, shows how shallow the government concern is towards the most vital national priority on which the future of the country and its socio-economic development is based, he said. 'What makes everyone wonder is that the ruling coalition has chosen a pivotal area of national activity to apply financial cut; this is simply criminal, he added. He said that learning was not only instrumental to strengthening the national development but also guaranteed the national security and its defence. Any amount spent on education, no matter how huge it is, goes wasted as this alone is the safest investment for coming generations and the countrys future as a forward-looking policy and enlightenment, he opined. Nawaz said if the government wanted to secure financial resources, it had to reduce its extravagant spending that had not so far been curtailed. Deplorably they kept on mounting despite financial crunch and the axe had fallen on higher education that was feared to make Pakistani students abroad suffer financially and academically, he added.