The countrys top leaders and policymakers can come up with a million excuses but the reality is there in stark, staring them in the face; the silent genocide of the flood affected happening at present has been more than anything else, because of their ignorance and indifference towards our dying people than any natural calamity. As I write, standing crops in fertile fields all across the KP, Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan are submerged in water. The track record of our rulers 'ignorance makes one certain they would shift the burden of rehabilitation to the others too. But if they are not helped now, our poor farmers and their families would be facing the sort of starvation and misery we only get to see in cinema. Rulers that are held up as shining examples for us considered death of even a hungry dog on banks of Euphrates a measure of failed governance. Sadly, dying whole families these days have no impact on our rulers who are still heard saying, No matter what, we are here for our five years term. -ANUM SUBHAN, Karachi, September 20.