LAHORE - Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Wednesday alleged that Punjab Governor and two federal ministers might try to ignite sectarianism in the province during Muharram, and hence their entry in Punjab should be banned, while movement of Governor Taseer should be restricted to the Governors House. Addressing a news conference here, Rana Sana accused Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Federal Law Minister Babar Awan and Governor Salmaan Taseer of fanning sectarianism in Punjab, saying he had sufficient material to prove veracity of his statement. He alleged that these federal representatives were conspiring to create disturbance in Punjab during Muharram with the tacit support of the Presidency. Rana further alleged that the two federal ministers and Punjab Governor were in contact with various Sunni and Shia leaders and were provoking them against Punjab govt, holding it responsible for Data Darbar and Karbla Gamay Shah blasts. They have planned to give a bloodbath to Punjab by sowing the seeds of sectarianism and anarchy, he remarked, adding that Punjab government would take all possible steps, including monitoring the activities of these ministers during Muharram. He referred to a statement by Governor Taseer that he made outside Services Hospital after visiting victims of Gamay Shah tragedy in which the Governor, according to the minister, had tried to make the people believe that Punjab government and its law minister were involved in acts of terrorism. He termed the Governors statement irresponsible, saying President Asif Ali Zardari had not admonished the Governor, thereby giving the impression that it had been issued on his behest. He accused the ministers and the Governor of making offer of funds to some activists of Sunni Tehrik and Imamia Students Organisations to launch a movement against PML-N. He asked the federal government to take notice of the activities of its ministers. Responding to a question about change of govt, he said it had become inevitable due to corruption of the federal govt and its continuous defiance of SC orders. He, however, said that PML-N did not have the required number of members to dislodge the govt. The minister said that present government could be thrown out if other political parties supported the PML-N. He said his party was not willing to form its govt in the Centre even if the anticipated no-confidence move succeeded against the PM. Rana also reiterated his partys stance while replying to a question that PML-N would not become part of any 'sponsored or engineered move against the government.