THE dreadful fate of a school bus that fell into a river on its way to Muzaffarabad instantly resulting in the death of 32 children is heart-rending. It has once again brought home the dangers of rash driving and is also is a grim reminder of the failure of the traffic policing system to check violation of rules. According to eyewitnesses, the bus was moving at a very high speed when it plunged into the river. The driver who somehow managed to get out of the vehicle moments before it fell into the river must be thoroughly investigated and taken to task for his criminal act of irresponsible driving. There is no doubt that it is hard to control reckless driving and pinpoint every vehicle that is breaking the rules, but at least the traffic police can to a very large extent bring down the graph of accidents by issuing licences only to those who are really good behind the wheels. Given the level of corruption plaguing virtually every department, not least the Police, it is commonplace for inexperienced commercial drivers to get ready-made licenses merely by greasing the palm of the concerned officers. It is no wonder deadly accidents have become so frequent. Over 100 people died in road accidents in Ramzan alone. Most dreadful was the tragedy in Sibi, where an over speeding bus crushed to death nine flood affectees, who were sleeping by the roadside. Given the needless waste of innocent life in Muzaffarabad, it is high time for schools all over the country to see to it that their students do not fall prey to risky driving. We have seen how 11 school kids lost their lives earlier this year when their van was pulverized by a train at an unmanned railway crossing in Mian Channu. It is also incumbent upon parents to ensure that the lives of their children are in safe hands. But there is no doubt that, at the end of the day, the rising number of fatalities on roads can be controlled to a considerable extent with the help of an efficient traffic policing system.