Galleries of the National Assembly on We-dnesday had a sense as if the institution of politics has finally waken up from years-long slumber when Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar stood up against politicians bashing that too at the hands of the NGOs, and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani seconded him by all means. It appeared that the rumours have now developed into a public anticipation of change again on the pretext of the politicians being inapt for governance if not corrupt at all. And the prompters of the so-called change have threatened the current position of both the Government and the Opposition alike. It seemed as the politicians of the country, perhaps for the first time in the history, have realised their institutional capacity. The question whether or not the politicians can deliver first time came from a key Minister of the PPP during a chat in his chamber while budget session was on in June this year. TheNations Press Gallery had captioned this critical question as fear of unknown. Three months down the line that question has become the talk of the town at least in the Federal Capital if not elsewhere, without mentioning voices of change emerging from Lahore and London. Till the time the Prime Minister delivered a speech earlier this week in Lahore he appeared to many analysts perturbed being directly under threat of so-called change in setup. That is why he vowed, willingly or perforce, to welcome in-house change. But his tone and tenor during the National Assemblys session on Wednesday, since he followed the Opposition Leader who had talked about assets of military generals and bureaucrats, was more of a resilient politician defending ones least position. Optimistically supposing that both the Leader of the House and that of the Opposition were competent of saying what they mean and vice versa, it could clearly be taken as first hint towards formation of a much talked about national government from within the existing Parliament. A well-placed insider termed this idea of a national government out of the incumbent Parliament for rest of its term as sensible. He was of the view that it would also remove the stigma of trust deficit on the current setup. He described it as highly practicable that it would allow the parliamentary parties stakes in the Government as per their elected strength. He was of the view that at least such a change in the ruling setup was required at the apex level of realpolitik involving again the international brokers and guarantors as the power play used to be in this country. The international community led by the US, according to him, believes such a change within the parameters of the Constitution would remove impediments like trust deficit, and credibility questions from the way of direly needed aid flow to Pakistan.