ISLAMABAD The Upper House on Wednesday urged the government that instead of imposing new taxes on masses to meet the flood losses, it should demand of the international community to write off Pakistans foreign debts, as imposition of new taxes would be a burden only on middle class and ultimately lead to anarchy in the country. Adviser to Prime Minister, Mian Raza Rabbani also came down hard on the government for its plan to impose new taxes under the reformed GST plan saying that the new taxes would affect the middle and lower middle class badly. This would lead to unforeseen consequences including anarchy in the country, he added. He said that the government should take bold step to demand of the international community to write off foreign debts to meet the colossal loses caused by flash floods. While giving examples of many countries, he said that it would not be a novel example in the world as Egypt, Argentina, Maxico, Brazil and Haiti had also got their loans waived off in previous decades. Rabbani viewed that the present circumstances didnt support any revolution in the country as it needed an ideology and a political leadership and consequently, the country was going towards anarchy rather revolution. He said that the recent floods not only caused losses in terms of lives, infrastructure and finances but also would affect the state structure and society as well and the political leadership should give a right direction to the flood-hit people. He urged transparency during rehabilitation of these people. Deputy Chairman Senate, Jan Mohammad Jamali while taking part in the debate said the capital did not represent the prevailing conditions in Pakistan. He questioned where the money was spent on flood protection. He also alleged the Sindh irrigation department responded very irresponsibly during the floods, adding that the department did not give any intimation to Balochistan irrigation department regarding the floodwater released by it. He suggested that there should be some Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) and better communication among the government functionaries to avert such situation in future while the public servants should he held answerable also. Abdul Raheem Mandokhel was of the view that the government and civil society should mobilise all resources for rehabilitation of flood affectees and for reconstruction of flood -hit areas. He further said that resources should be distributed among the flood-hit areas with respect to the damage losses. As many as 5 parliamentarians including treasury as well opposition benches participated in the flood debate before the house was adjourned to meet again on Thursday at 4 pm. The legislators belonging to ANP, JUI-F and Fata also staged a walk out of the house on the rising incidents of violence and target killings in Karachi. Zahid Khan of ANP on the point of order had raised the issue saying that Dr Imran Farooq was killed in London but as a reaction, people were being killed in Karachi.