ISLAMABAD - Textile sector had shown healthy export of 23.34 per cent in the first couple of months (July-August) of the current fiscal year 2010-11, over the corresponding period in the previous year, Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBR) reported on Wednesday. According to the figures, exports of textile group were recorded at $1.975 billion in July-August 2010 period against $1.602 billion in the same months of 2009 registering a handsome growth of 23.34 per cent. The break-up of textile group shows, export of cotton yarn increased by 0.04 per cent, cotton cloth 19.98 per cent, knitwear, 16.52 per cent, bed wear, 19.57 per cent, towels, 19.20 per cent, readymade garments, 49.26 per cent, art silk and synthetic textile, 172.93 per cent, made-up articles, 25.42 per cent, and other textile materials, 77.07 per cent. However, the export of raw cotton decreased by 81.40 per cent, cotton carded 97.25 per cent, yarn 8.41 and tents by 7.29 per cent in the first two months of the current fiscal year. Meanwhile, details of the traditional products showed that export of food group went up by 19.20 per cent. Among these exports, rice was up by 30.65 per cent in July-August, which was $488 million as against $410million in July-August 2009. In the rice group, the export of Basmati enhanced by 11.10 per cent and of other items (in the rice group) by 51.59 per cent. Similarly, fish exports went up by 82.25 per cent, fruits decrease by 7.25 per cent, vegetables exports increased by 31.91 per cent, wheat and tobacco export down by 11.30 per cent and 100 per cent respectively. Meanwhile, spices went up by 9.96 per cent, oil seeds nuts and kernels decreased by 90.30 per cent, and meat export enhance by 67pc. On the other hand, according to the data, the import of machinery group went up by 9.02 per cent in July-August 2010 over the same period of the last year. The break up of machinery group revealed that imports of power generating machinery enhanced by 53.83 per cent, transport sector by 4.77 per cent in the period under review. In the transport group, import of road motor vehicles went up by 43.19 per cent, CBU by 26.61 per cent, buses, trucks and other heavy vehicles by 11.79 per cent, motorcars by 43.68 per cent and motorcycles went down by 55.51 per cent in the period under review.