THAR - At least three children including two brothers killed and 10 others sustained injuries on Thursday when a mortar buried in the sand exploded in Achroo Tahr, desert area of Sindh. The incident took place in Mayo Thakar village, some 15 km away from Khapro city. Police said a mortar which was used in 1971 war between Pakistan and India got buried in the sand and surfaced due to recent rains in Sindh. The children were playing with the bomb when it exploded. Three kids including died on the spot while the injured were rushed to Khapro Tehsil Hospital. However, three wounded kids were shifted to Haiderabad civil hospital where their condition is stated to be critical. Jawahar, 6, under treatment in Khapro hospital, told BBC correspondent Riaz that they had found the bomb from outside their village which resembled watermelon. It was just like a ball and we brought it to our home. As it was very cool in the morning, we started making sand houses. Meanwhile, a kid lifted the ball and dropped it which exploded with a big bang, Jawahar said. Two brothers, Daleep, 15, and Ramesh, 8, also died on the spot. The police cordoned off the area and the bomb disposal squad also reached there to clear the village.