BAJAUR AGENCY - At least five tribesmen including three elders and members of a local peace committee were killed and eight others were critically injured in a roadside remote control bomb blast in tehsil Chamar Kand of Bajaur Agency on Thursday. According to locals, a remote control explosive device, planted by some unidentified persons at a roadside in Chamar Kand area, went off at around 8 Oclock on Thursday, when a pickup was coming back from boarder area to Nawagai. It was learnt that all the four deceased persons aboard the van were locals. The explosive devise exploded with a big bang in which including a child, three tribal elders Malik Khushal Khan, Malik Qasim Khan and Malik Nasir Khan and a driver died on the spot and eight others injured. The injured persons were rushed to the agency headquarters Khar hospital for treatment where their condition was state critical. The injured included three members of the Peace Committee. The Political administrations personnel reached the site soon after the blast and started rescue activities. According to a personnel of the administration, a pickup Dotson was crossing Mamadgat Nawapass Road towards Nawagai, when a remote control device exploded. No militant group has so far claimed responsibility of the blast. It is pertinent to mention here that Chamar Kand shares its borders with the Afghan province Kunar, that the security forces a couple of months back had declared clear after a military operation. The locals in Chamar Kand have recently established several Peace Committees against militant activities, in the area.