ISLAMABAD - During Wednesdays meeting between the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and the business tycoons of Karachi, the bigwigs of Pakistans cosmopolitan were all complainants against bhatta (extortion) mafia and categorically demanded military intervention to stop rising crimes in the city. According to some Karachi-based businessmen privy to the particular meeting that was attended by dozens of business moguls, a leading exporter had brought forth the issue of extortion on part of political parities-sponsored criminal elements. In response, the Army Chief is reported to have exercised 'restraint by means of responding with a cautious response. It is unfortunate that the political parties indulge in such kind of activities. They should sort out their differences in a civilised way and live up to the public mandate they are entrusted with, sources quoted the COAS as saying. Sensing the cautious response from the Army Chief, Another renowned businessman and an active member of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) reportedly stepped into the discussion to single out one political party and came up with a plethora of complaints against it. Without naming the party, the tycoon had said, Traders are constantly harassed and haunted by the armed vagabonds of this party. We all know which that party is. Sir you are the head of Pakistan Army. We request you to intervene and play your role in providing us relief. The problem of political violence can be fixed once for all by military intervention in Karachi, the businessman reportedly conveyed to General Kayani. Reportedly, Kayani assured the business community that Rangers and security agencies would play every possible role to provide security to the lives and properties of the representatives of business community but he was 'non-committal on military intervention in Karachi. General Kayani reportedly instructed Director General Rangers Major General Ijaz Chaudhry during the same meeting to ensure foolproof security measures in business areas. Talking to TheNation from Karachi by phone on Wednesday, the business bigwig, who had reportedly 'invited military intervention in Karachi, confirmed this development. Requesting anonymity, he said, Not only me, many other traders during Wednesday meeting came up with the same demand. Everybody knows which parties collect bhatta. Its an open secret, he said. When asked to explain his understanding of 'military intervention when Rangers were actively deputed in Karachi and had played a vital role in improving security situation there, the trader said: No this is not enough, its not a long-lasting solution. Army should operate on a large-scale in Karachi and purge this city of criminal elements once for all. A 'surgical operation is necessary, he believed. General Kayanis Thursday visit to interior Sindh on the pretext of examining Pakistan Armys rescue operations in flood-hit areas followed by his prior meetings with senior military officials and businessmen is seen as an implied message for the political parties to mend their fences. The development is intriguing amid the 'concerns of military take-over voiced recently by President Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Some days back, the Army Chief had visited Chitral after repeated cross-border intrusions from Afghan militants. His visit followed the deployment of military troops in Chitral and Upper Dir. The COAS visit to Karachi marked with the 'intervention requests by Karachi traders has although prompted the top military man to order provisions of foolproof and full-scale contingents across Karachi in general and business places in particular, how the situation unfolds remains to be seen in the days to follow.