Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa has vehemently supported the construction of the Kalabagh Dam, calling it as indispensable to the nations survival and that it would have to be built even if it was given another name. The PPP to which he belongs must take heed of his statement in the interest of Pakistan as a whole. He called upon Prime Minister Gilani to take up the matter at the platform of Council of Common Interests and try to build consensus on it. There is no doubt that the dam is the need of the hour given the debilitating energy crunch. It will produce cheap electricity, make ample water available for use and benefit not only one province but the entire country. The concerns of the people should be addressed immediately through a nation-wide awareness campaign, the dam immediately built, as its feasibility is ready in all respects. The opponents should either stop criticising the dam or come up with arguments to refute the experts views who are all-out for the project. The pity is that certain so-called leaders have turned the project into a political football, trying to gain mileage out of it; they are, in fact, doing incalculable harm to the country. As Mr Khosa rightly suggested a change of name can perhaps lead to a change of heart. Giving it the new name for instance of Pakistan Dam or even Zardari Dam might work. The public needs to be told that it is in this project that lies the secret of economic growth and progress.