It is good to hear that Pakistan has decided to fence its border with Afghanistan to effectively stop illegal movement of people especially of militants to its territory. Pakistan has already suffered a lot because of the porous border which is not easy to be manned. However Pakistan has set up a number of check posts at the border. Unfortunately these entry points are not yielding any fruit because of non-cooperative and non serious attitude of the afghan officials who are always hesitant to fence the borders. The government of Afghanistan has consistently opposed the construction of a fence on the border between the two countries because open borders suit them. Their citizens keep coming to Pakistan by crossing the border illegally. Due to visionless policies of the previous governments, Pakistan had to house millions of Afghan refugees who continue to pose problems of law and orders and are also involved in other crimes. Fencing between Pakistan and Afghanistan is the need of the hour to stop infiltration of militants and drug traffickers. Pakistan government must also talk to Karzai administration to repatriate the remaining Afghan refugees to their own land. Pakistan should hold a fresh survey to check the presence of Afghan nationals inside the country. There are many who have acquired national ID cards and even hold Pakistani passports. S K AURAKZAI, Peshawer, September 13.