The decentralization of the power sector with an ultimate aim of complete privatization has been the basic cause of present day power crisis in the country. Something which may be suitable or feasible for America or some other country may not necessarily be good for our country in view of different stages of development and environment. The US power system was fully developed when it introduced privatization or deregulation of its power facilities, whereas Pakistan was in infancy in its power development efforts. However, the powers that be in our country, easily embraced the imported slogan of deregulation of the power sector in the name of so-called reforms. Since the full pros and cons including the comparative administrative, financial and economic implications of the options involved were not undertaken, before embarking on the decision of dismemberment of the state power sector, the results could not have been different. Privatization and deregulation will only help the private investors who will be interested in maximizing their profits rather than spending on the system improvement in the absence of any competition in the market. KESC example is very relevant in this respect. Sale of electricity cannot be compared with other commodities of daily use because of its complex nature of production, transmission and distribution. Besides lack of good governance, high corruption, inefficiency and mismanagement, the unfruitful efforts going on for last several years towards split-up and break-up of the united power system into several independent component entities will add towards further shortfalls in generation, transmission and distribution of power increasing further blackouts and unbearable rising cost of whatever little electricity is supplied. It is a pity that a country having additional generation capacity available is resorting to round the clock loadshedding across the country just because certain payments are not being made Has someone calculated the overall national loss being incurred due to massive loadshedding and compared it with the blocked payments or the circular debt? The financial gurus need to ponder over the issue and resolve it. ENGR. R. A. BHUTTA, Lahore, September 22.