Lahore - The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Lahore announced the position holders of Intermediate Part II here on Sunday wherein students from public institutions secured the most positions.

Among top three positions, first position of secured by a boy while second position is shared by a male and female students. The third position is also shared by two girl students. The top three positions are earned by boys and girls from pre-medical and pre-engineering groups. 

The position holders were announced by Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Chairman Nasrullah Virk at a press conference at the Examination Hall, Lawrence Road, Lahore.

Overall, Asad Mumtaz with 1047 marks and, Hafiz Usman Tanveer with 1038 marks from Government College, University Lahore (GCU) bagged first and second positions respectively. Khadija Nadeem with 1038 marks from Government Kinnaird College for Women (GKCW) shared second position. 

Hadia Tahir from GKCW and Ayesha Sikandar from Punjab College for Women, Muslim Town (PCW-MTL) shared the third position with 1037 marks each. 

In Pre-Engineering (Boys) Group, Asad Mumtaz of GCU, with 1047 marks, secured the first position while Hafiz Usama Tanveer of the same college bagged second position with 1038 marks. Junaid Ali, also from GCU, bagged third position with 1028 marks in the group.

In Pre-Engineering (Girls) Group, Iqra Javed of PCW-MLT secured first position with 1033 marks. Ateequa Yaqoob of GKCW bagged second position with 1030 marks and Mah Noor Dar, with 1027 marks got third position in the group.

In the Pre-Medical (Boys) Group, Muhammad Ali Aziz of the GCU, with 1034 marks, bagged first position and, Ahmad Ali Aziz and Saad Ali Zanjani of the same college bagged second and third positions with 1026 and 1025 marks respectively.

In Pre-Medical (Girls) Group, Khadija Nadeem of GKCW bagged first position with 1038 marks. Hadia Tahir of GKCW and Ayesha Sikandar of PCW-MTL shared the second position with 1037 marks each. Sania Ashfaq of PCW-MLT got third position with 1035 marks.

In General Science (Boys) Group, Tala Ul Badar of Punjab College, Lahore bagged first position with 988 marks. Umer Shahid of the same college secured second position with 972 marks while Adnan Ali Syed of GCU got third position with 960 marks.  

In General Science (Girls) Group, Maira Nadeem of PCW-MTL, with 989 marks, bagged first position and Armish Ashraf, of GKCW secured second position with 982 marks. Maria Ahmad of PCW-MTL got third position with 969 marks.  

In Computer Science (Girls) Group, Iram Fayaz, private candidate, secured first portion with 1007 marks. Shazia Rafique of PCW-MTL, got second with 972 marks while Maria Ali and Aqsa Azeem, private candidates, shared the third position against 967 marks each.

In the same group of male’s category, Muhammad Hassan of Punjab College of Commerce, Muslim Town, Lahore (PCC-MTL) secured first position with 980 marks. Muhammd Asghar Ali from the same college bagged second position with 971 marks and Muhammad Naeem, of Shah Kot College of Commerce for Boys, Nankana Sahib, bagged third position with 370 marks.

In Humanities Group (female), Aneeqa Aftab of Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) got first position with 968 marks and Aroosa Adrees, private candidate, secured second position with 962 marks. Amina Ishaq of Minhaj-Ul-Quraan Degree College for Women, Township, Lahore bagged third position with 957 marks.   

In Humanities (Boys) Group, Muhammad Hassan, private candidate, secured first position with 939 marks and hafiz Muhammad Usman-e-Ghani, of Unique College of Computer Science for Boys, New Muslim Town,

Lahore (UCCSB-MTL) bagged second position with 935 marks. Asif Hussain of GCU got third position with 928 marks.

The prize distribution and result would be given out on today (Monday) at a ceremony at Alhamra wherein PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz would be chief guest.